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Holistic revolution
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The spiritual power of this project flows through the principle of circle. Similar to the ancient notion of "council", we are following modern interpretations of circle based on the idea of convergent group resonance arround a common center.

The power of this model flows from the affirmation of common center across all levels of scale, creating an ideal calibration and alignment and common denominator of all experience.


  • You are entering a resonant field.
  • Please take a moment to become calm and centered and attuned to others in the field.
  • We are working together to help develop a co-creative network of relationships
  • We are gathering the world's wisdom from every source

The infinitesimal is a continuum with the infinite and this principle contains the divine law,
absolutely straight across all levels, holding all things together, unbreakable and perfect.

This axis is an optimization principle -- we make it as short as possible, and this process drives the convergence