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Each facet of this diagram represents a significant element of a broadly inclusive integral design, combining spirituality, religion, science and democratic governance, into a single schematic that interconnects all facets into single whole. Each facet of the design can be studied and discussed independently, as can their interconnection into a single unity.

The primary question and issue is: how can our collective decisions and politics (governance) be guided by the highest kind of wisdom? Can this be negotiated? This project proposes that the answer is yes and shows how it can be done.

The design is a holistic or integral theory of reality and human psychology, which we are suggesting as a container for the entire range of human experience. Through this single integrating container, we can identify all facets, and develop a networking process that interconnects these facets. Following a core vision of oneness or wholeness, we can invite participation into a process of negotiation between groups that identifies the common ground of human experience across all levels of division and difference.

Related interpretation from a mystical church, showing descending levels from The All

I AM Presence Chart, copyright Church Universal and Triumphant

The sacred vine of interconnected souls

Independent beings linked to each other through a common light

Meditative attunement as a compass and polestar

The Buddha attuning to perfectly centered judgment at cosmic scale

On the top of the mountain

Working together to create a foothold for the new world

The entire framework is a fluid and homeostatic interconnection between these elements. This creates a principle of holistic interconnected guidance and balance across all levels of scale.
The whole is guided by a general ethic of balance (law, justice) based on the interconnection of all elements and informed by science, wisdom and virtue.
This is the fundamental question for democracy and citizen-led self-governance. There is an analogy between the top level and the bottom level and the structure of a representative democracy.

This framework interconnects all levels of existence and being (reality) in the same integral container. Every individual person in the framework exerts a personal independent guiding influence, and is influenced by all other elements in a homeostatic and governing way. It connects the top (God, the Absolute) to the bottom (the individual person, the Relative).
This sun represents God in all its forms and the absolute unity and energy of the whole. Its radial arms represent the branching of this unity into all particular things. All things are (or can be or should be) homeostatically aligned with one another through this common center.
The power and authenticity of this model flows from the common alignment of all levels to a common center, which tracks down through all levels of scale from the absolute and global (the Universal) to the relative and local (the Particular) -- from God to Human
Oneness is a highly abstract traditional concept of God with advocates all over the world today and deep roots in ancient Greek philosophy (e.g.,Plotinus)
Spirituality can be universalized in a few simple practices involving virtue and faith. It can be suggested that all religions are derived from spirituality, as its principles become institutionalized in the context of a community.
Humanism offers a philosophy of the whole and ethical principles based on this philosophy. Humanism often includes the methods and principles of science.
Religious ideas can be fused at a common "esoteric" center-point, as Huston Smith has suggested. There can be a "meeting place of religions" where common ground is established and differences are clarified.
There is a strongly-documented claim by religious scholars and mystics that there are universal and eternal principles common to all major religions throughout history. This scholarships informs our insights today.
The principles of science are the foundations of rationality and precision in the world. The methods of science are essential to maintaining authenticity. Scientific method can be understood as a kind of ethic.

These are the values on the descending level of scale, each containing the next like Russian nesting dolls or holons.

This arrow has several meanings.

1. It is like a ruler indicating the descending levels of scale that range from the absolute global top (biggest) to the relative local bottom (smallest).

2. It defines an axial center that extends across levels, keeping all levels aligned to a common center.

3. It is like the connection between God and Adam in the Michelangelo painting.

4. It is like the "Crystal Cord" connecting the I AM Prescence to the individual human being.

5. It can be described in the term from mythology, "Axis Mundi" -- "the axis of the world"

These are items that could be defined at the corresponding level of scale like holons.

There are innumerable interdependent issues that arise in society and in governance. We must work together in a resonant and informed way to address every issue in the world.

Together, in a divine resonance with one another, human beings become the active agents of a loving and wise God or Master Principle capable of leading the world into its own highest possibilities, and a new age of enlightened culture.

Any demographic group with a perspective or point of view. A similar logic can be used to help any particular group overcome its internal differences and find its own common ground and agreement.
This famous painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel in Rome shows the link between God (at the top of the cascade) to a human (at the bottom of the cascade). This is also the link between the absolute (the whole, the container of everything) to the relative (some part or piece or facet within the whole). This is the primary connective principle in reality.