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March 19, 2020

We see the world as passing through a critical transition, where collaboration across cultural groups and sectors is becoming essential.

Yet cooperation is very often gridlocked, blocked or extremely difficult. This is increasingly dangerous and is already deadly.

In our view, the primary problems blocking or interfering with cooperation are

  • High complexity, that stretches or extends beyond individual human capacity and bandwidth
  • Issues extending across multiple areas of expertise, requiring interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Partisan or institutional investment in preserving a culture of combat or competition
  • And of course, lack of a common vision, bad habits, selfish agendas, doubt and anger...
In this context, the objectives of the New Congress project are
  • Build a resonant co-creative environment considering issues of public concern and governance
  • Create a widely-inclusive co-creative environment and channel, grounded in resonance and trust
  • Explore and develop new approaches to cooperation between groups and sectors
  • As feasible, develop advanced network methods and analytic models
To achieve these objectives, our immediate plan is to
  • Continue to refine the fundamental design and capacity of this project
  • Find other individuals and groups who are working in a related area and invite their advice and connection
  • Explore the development of a global-scale negotiation and facilitation network
  • Build collective resonance