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Problem-solving groups

1 Academic groups / departments
2 Circle groups and networks
3 Civic groups / activists
4 Civic tech programmers
5 Collective wisdom / discernment
6 Conscious Evolution / New Age
7 Dialogue groups / advocates
8 Ethicist groups
9 Global citizens movement
10 Global Shift / Great Transition
11 Humanistic groups
12 Integral groups
13 Interfaith groups
14 Interspiritual groups
15 Mediators / facilitators
16 Network / internet visionaries
17 New governance / democracy refor
18 Peace / council circles
19 Political activists / advocates
20 Sociocracy / Holacracy
21 Whole system visionaries / activ
Backbone for Intersector Cooperation


Written before the age of Trump, which adds a lot to these concerns....


In the context of

  • polarization
  • rage
  • mistrust
  • accusation
  • congressional gridlock and paralysis
  • national vulnerability

and under conditions of

  • massive information overload
  • historically unprecedented complexity and rapid social change
  • wide-spread economic disruption and uncertainty
  • national brain-fog


  • hierarchical systems are failing
  • neighborhoods are fragmented
  • people in separate sectors or "silos" cannot understand one another
  • national debt looms over everything
  • the two-party political system is dangerously self-serving
  • the national media profits by encouraging polarization
  • millions of voters are willing to believe total nonsense

we identify

  • major sectors of national society where creative and visionary innovation is emerging
  • specialized skill and expertise
  • innovative new ideas

and we synthesize

  • universal standards for ethics, drawing on all contributing perspectives
  • network connections between creative sectors, organizations and individuals
  • innovative approaches to collective decision-making
  • a new vision of integral and holistic collaboration and co-creation
which we believe can lead to
  • the emergence of optimal and highly ideal new forms of democracy
  • a culture of enlightened unity-in-diversity co-creation
  • a new era of civilization guided by and held within wholeness
  • a resolution or amelioration of thousands of problems in society
  • renaissance